Thursday, November 27, 2008


Like many photographers I know, I would much rather be taking the photos than having my photo taken, but, alas, it has been almost two years since I had my portrait taken and I really needed something new for my blog and such. I had never tried a self portrait before and although I thought it would be a piece of cake it was surprisingly difficult. The post processing was definitely the hardest, retouching my own face was a little weird.


Blogger Joan of Art and Nature said...

Hi Matt,
Well, you look a bit different than you did the last time that I saw you as a youngster in South Williamson, KY. One evening my husband, Les, and I were visiting with your Mom and Dad and you were "helping" Linda and me fix some green beans. You looked at the clock and said, "Damn, it's time for me to go to bed!" Your Mom looked aghast and said that you must have learned that at day care. Your Dad and Les were playing "battleship" and when Les had your Dad cornered, Bob yelled "Damn". I looked at him and asked him if he had been to day care also. That aside, I love your work. I taught art at SWVCC where your Dad was dean, so I know a few things about the manipulation of the elements to create just the right effect. It takes skills, but also talent. Well done.
Joan of Art and Nature

12:15 PM  

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