Sunday, January 20, 2008

DWF in Tampa

At the beginning of January I went to the DWF convention in Tampa. For those of you who do not know what the DWF is, it is an international online community for professiomal wedding photographers where, photographers can seek and share advice with one another. This year they had their annual convention in Tampa Florida. This was an incredible experience. I got the chance to meet and learn from a lot of different photographers.

I really enjoyed the socializing and meeting some new people, but my favorite part and the biggest reason I went was for the educational seminars. The seminars were awesome, DWF brought in some of the best photographers from all over the world to teach at the convention. I was able to see presentations by Laura Novak, Lena Hyde, Marcus Bell, Jerry Ghionis, Denis Reggie, Yervant, Jeff and Julia Woods, Greg Gibson, Jessica Claire, and Matt and Krystal Radlinski. There were also two incredible presentations from North Carolinas own James Walters and Tamara Lackey. James did a presentation on enhaced reality lighting and Tamara spoke about contemporary childrens photography.

It was a wonderful experience, I meet some great people and learned a lot. Hope I can make it to next years convention.

Note: The picture is the view of the bay from my hotel room taken by my 3 year old son.


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Your son is learing early to be a great photographer. Good shot

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